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Integrating AWS Lambda with SNS using Serverless Framework - NodeJS version

AWS SNS (Simple Notification Service) enables you to communicate between systems through publish/subscribe pattern. Consider below system architecture diagram. 'System A' acts as a… Read Article →

Getting started with AWS Lambda using Serverless Framework

There are many ways to create serverless applications or services. 'Serverless Framework' is one of most widely used framework for creating services. In this article, we're going to use… Read Article →

EC2(Elastic Compute Cloud) - AWS Services in Plain English

What is EC2? Using this service, you can rent virtual servers from AWS and you'll pay only for the time that you use. If you no longer need the server, you can terminate. What can you do… Read Article →

S3(Simple Storage Service) - AWS Services in Plain English

What is S3 (Simple Storage Service): You can store objects using this service and can get those objects back. You can think objects as files. These objects could be flat files, audio file… Read Article →

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